About Aurora Integrated Technologies Inc.

Aurora Integrated Technologies Inc. is a family owned and operated business located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Products and skills range from design and fabrication of precision manufacturing equipment, to design and implementation of home solutions such as, gates and handrails, doors and fireplaces. Working with metal, wood and cement materials we create a wide array of functional art for your home and garden or corporate setting.


The primary’s of Aurora, Shaun and Colleen Moore met while working in the theatre and film industry and have a combined total of 56 years in the arts and construction industries. They departed their theatre and film careers to found Aurora in 2004.


Colleen’s background as a sculptor, painter and draftsperson and Shaun’s experience as a welder, carpenter and special effects coordinator, give them a broad base of skills to draw from.


Their combined talent for aesthetic and creative problem solving as well as their manufacturing capabilities, make them uniquely qualified to call themselves Functional Artists.



Aurora’s Mission

To create timeless pieces of Functional Art that expresses the personal style and artistic passion of their clients.

The Story of Us

Plasma Cut Steel Sculptural Wood Custom Welding
Plasma Cut Steel Sculptural Wood Custom Welding

Both Colleen and Shaun started their artistic endeavors and creative inventing early in life.


Colleen’s earliest memory as a sculptor goes back to the age of 6 when at a Bible camp, while others were working on organized crafts, she preferred to do her own project.  She sought out her own materials, a chunk of clay out of a mountainside, and began to carve the head of a lion.


Shaun was always interested in how things worked.  His earliest mechanical endeavors included taking his mother’s washing machine a part into individual components, only to have his mother horrifyingly discover it in that state of disarray and unlike other young children, carefully and methodically went about reassembling it, till it was back in working condition.


Moving forward a number of years, Colleen got involved in art classes.  Below is a sample of one of her earlier works completed at the age of 14, an oil painting of a Native Chief.


In high school grade 12 shop class, Shaun took on the project of building a car from the ground up. Using the course curriculum of various modules like electrical and mechanical, he and his best friend developed a program of stages needed to complete the construction of a car. The resulting car won them first place in the World of Wheels Home built Sports Car category in Calgary in 1980.


Some highlights from Shaun’s theatre and film career include heading up the department that built various cars, parade floats and retail displays. Also shown below, is a sample of one of Colleen’s later oil paintings and various works from her time working in the props department during her theatre and film career, prior to moving into a career in drafting.

early oil painting shop class project
Colleen: Early Oil Painting Shaun: Grade 12 Shop Class Project



ratrace car explore store airplane snowday movie snow plow
Shaun: Movie - Rat Race, Jet Car Shaun: Retail display - Explore More
Store, Tahoe
Shaun: Movie - Snowday, Snow Plow



disneyworld parade floatsShaun: Disneyworld Florida,
Parade Floats
disneyworl parade floatsShaun: Disneyworld Florida,
Parade Floats


Oil PaintingColleen: Later Oil Painting
royal tyrrell museum parade floatsShaun: Royal Tyrrell Museum,
Parade Float



Theatre Calgary - Upholstery, Christmas Carol Theatre Calgary - Upholstery, Quartermaines Terms Alberta Theatre Project - Upholstery, Sweeny Todd
Colleen: Theatre Calgary - Upholstery,
Christmas Carol
Colleen: Theatre Calgary - Upholstery,
Quartermaines Terms
Colleen: Alberta Theatre Projects -
Upholstery, Sweeny Todd



Sculpted Cart Banff Center - Sculpetd Crest, Opera Alberta Theatre Project curtains frankenstein
Colleen: F&D Scene Changes
Les Miserables,
Forced Perspective
Sculpted Cart
Colleen: Banff Center - Sculpted Crest, Opera Colleen: Alberta Theatre Projects
-have sewn too many
 curtains to count,
Calgary Opera - cast of actors head
Colleen: Calgary Opera - Cast of actors head,
guillotine scene