At Aurora Aurora Integrated Technologies, we consider ourselves to be Functional Artists who specialize in utilizing modern technology and equipment to create timeless pieces of Functional Art for  your home  & garden.


Carved Wood Doors and Cabinets

We  know  that  you  are
unique and our work needs
to  reflect  that  which  sets
you  apart.  Our  work  with
metal,  wood  and  cement
materials to create functional
art  is   a   reflection   of  the
human  need  to  stand  out
from the crowd.  Everything
we do can be customized to
suit your exact requirements.

Sculptural Cement

Whether  you  need a gate,
door or fireplace, we believe
in bringing the beauty of our
clients   own   personal   style
into our functional designs. We
are  happy  to  work with  you
or we  can  work  directly with 
your designer  to  ensure that
what we  create fits  with your
overall design intent. We look
forward  to hearing  from you.